Painting saying on a wall without a stencil

I have been wanting to paint the saying “Prayers go up, Blessings come down.” on my wall for a while but didn’t have a stencil and wanted a specific font and design. So… I started my research and this is my journey of painting the saying on my wall without a stencil. I’m sure this will help someone wanting to do the same thing. šŸ™‚

-Printout of saying wanted on the wall
-Chalk or pastel
-Masking/Painter’s tape
-Ball point pen
-Acrylic paint

Step one:
Type and print the saying you want in the font and size you want. You may need to piece it together like I did.


Step two:
Color the back with chalk or pastels. Make sure you cover the entire area there is font.


Tip: If you hold it up to the light you can see how much of the font you have covered.


Step three:
Tape the paper to your wall where you want the saying.


Step four:
Trace the outside of each letter while it is hanging on the wall. This will result in the outline of each letter being transferred to the wall.



Step five:
Once all of the letters are traced, remove the paper. You should see the outline of each letter and can begin painting the letters with the acrylic paint color of your choice.



Step six:
After your first coat on each letter is painted and dry wipe off the chalk or pastel that is likely to still be on the wall. After the chalk or pastel is wiped off the wall do a second coat and touch up any spots that need to be touched up. Then  your saying is complete!


Here is my completed saying!
I love it and I was able to do it with items I already had in my home!

Happy painting!




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