Super Hero Valentines!

My boys family is really into super heroes. I mean reeeallly into super heroes. Every super hero movie, action figure, t-shirt, hoodie, piggy bank, pillow, poster, etc must be owned by my family. So, I decided to take it to the next level and make super hero lollipop Valentine’s day “cards”.

-colored cardstock
-lollipops (tootsie pops and blow pops work best)
-colored markers

First, I drew and cut out a template to use that looked like a cape. Then, I proceeded to trace it on different colored card stock. Once I had them all traced, I started to write the phrase I wanted on each one. See below.


After I finished writing the phrase, I cut each one out and then cut a little slit towards the top of the cape, where the neck of the super hero would be.


After all were cut out and there was a little slit in each one,  I simply slid the lollipop stick through the slit and used the wrapper to ensure it stayed up. And voila! there you have super hero lollipop Valentines. ♡♡♡



Happy Valentine’s day!  ♡♡♡



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