Science fun!

With winter break upon us and Christmas in the past, a house of boys gets antsy fast! It’s science experiment time!

Things you’ll need:
-5 white carnations
-food coloring
-5 empty water bottles
-science experiment form (here’s the one we used)

First, we filled out the handy form and researched online, making our hypothesis and all.


Then, we filled each empty water bottle about halfway with water. Next, we put a lot of food coloring in the water to ensure the carnations would get enough of the coloring – one yellow, red, blue, green and orange (mixed yellow and red). Then, we cut the stem down at an angle on the carnations and placed one in each water bottle with colorful water.


Last we waited… and waited… and waited.
It really only took about an hour for some of the color to start to show. 24 hours later this is what our flowers liked like.







Overall, it was a great experiment and learning experience for my boys to learn about how flowers work. Here’s additional info on the experiment, some questions to ask and a wonderful, easy to understand explanation as to what is happening to the flowers.

36 hours later…

Happy experimenting!


I want to hear from you!
If you did this experiment what worked best for you? Any variations?


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