DIY Lego Table

My middle son badly wanted a Lego table from Santa this year.  When I looked at purchasing one I couldn’t find the right size for the right price. That’s when I set out to make one on my own.

-table (end or coffee table)
-Lego base plates (I used 3, but this will depend on the size of the table and what exactly you want)
-chalkboard paint
-hot glue

I found the perfect end table at Goodwill and it was 50% off! So, I spent $2.50 on it (score)!

First I cleaned the table and let it dry.


Then I painted the top with chalkboard paint where there would not be a base plate at.


After it was all dried I hot glued the base plates to the top, drew a road with chalk and wrote a Iittle message for my son. Voila!



Total cost for the project was a little over $20 (I already had chalkboard paint and hot glue) and took me around 2.5 hours to complete, most of which was waiting for paint to dry! Extr a bonus: Seeing the joy on his face and him playing with it on Christmas morning!



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